ISSWSH depends on its members to volunteer their time and expertise to carry out the mission of ISSWSH, and to promote and advance the field of Women’s Sexual Health. If you are looking for a new opportunity to become involved within ISSWSH and to contribute to the field of Women’s Sexual Health, serving on a committee is your chance! We are accepting applications for openings on the following committees:

  • Advocacy Committee (2 openings)
  • Education Committee (3 openings)
  • Fellowship Committee (2 openings)
    * must be current ISSWSH Fellow with at least 2 years of IF status.
  • Membership Outreach Committee (4 openings)
  • Online Services Committee (2 openings)
  • Public Outreach: Donor Cultivation (2 openings)
  • Research Grants Committee (1 opening)
  • Social Media Committee (2 openings)

Membership on ISSWSH's committees is open to all current ISSWSH members in good standing.

Term Length
The length of the term is specific to each committee and listed below along with committee descriptions.

How to Apply
To apply for a committee position, please fill out the form linked here by Thursday, April 30, 2020

Committee Descriptions

Advocacy Committee
Chairperson: Becky K. Lynn, MD, IF
Term length: 1 year
The Advocacy Committee is responsible for a continuing program to advocate for issues in support of the mission of ISSWSH, through planned activities, position statements and other projects.

Education Committee
Chairperson: Rachel S. Rubin, MD, IF
Term length: 2 years
The Education Committee is responsible for the development of an educational plan and for the scheduling and presentation of specific courses and lectures approved by the Board of Directors. The educational programs shall be inclusive of issues relevant to physicians, psychologists, sexual health providers/therapists, nurse practitioners, and others. Currently this committee is responsible for the educational content of the Fall Course, Sexual Pain Course, and the Pre-Course, Instructional Courses & Lunch and Learns as part of the Annual Meeting.

Fellowship Committee
Chairperson: Katherine Williams, MD, IF, FACOG
Term length: 1 year
The Fellowship Committee is responsible for reviewing all ISSWSH Fellowship applications and the development of the criteria for acceptance as an ISSWSH Fellow. The committee will accept IF applications throughout the year and will vote on applications as they become complete.

Membership Outreach Committee
Chairperson: Sally MacPhedran, MD
Term length: 2 years
The Membership Outreach Committee is responsible for promotions and outreach to new and potential members of ISSWSH.

Online Services Committee
Chairperson: Juliana Kling, MD, MPH
Term length: 1 year
The Online Services Committee is responsible for keeping the content of the ISSWSH website up to date, facilitating the ISSWSH Community Forum, and promotion of online educational materials.

Public Outreach Committee: Donor Cultivation
Chairperson: Alyse M. Kelly-Jones, MD, IF, FACOG
Term length: 2 years
The Donor Cultivation sub-group of the Public Outreach Committee is responsible for raising funds through private donors for patient-oriented initiatives and to support research in the field.

Research Grants
Committee Chairperson: Johanna Hannan, PhD
Term length: 1 year
The Research Grants Committee is responsible for the research grants application process including, but not limited to, preparing a call for applications, reviewing and scoring applications, and making a recommendation to the Executive Committee for winning applicants.

Social Media Committee
Chairperson: Joshua Gonzalez, MD
Term length: 2 years
The Social Media Committee is responsible for actively promoting ISSWSH’s mission, projects, activities and events across all the society’s designated social media platforms.

We hope this finds you all healthy and safe!

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