Fernand Labrie Distinguished Investigator

Dr. Fernand Labrie was a remarkable scientist, an innovative researcher, a prolific author and an undisputed visionary. He spoke about intracrinology more than twenty years ago to the early ISSWSH membership and has presented his research many times since. Dr. Labrie’s basic science research led to the development of a new class of treatments for women with sexual dysfunction. His passion for safe and efficacious treatments for women with sexual health concerns was always respected by the ISSWSH leadership and has led to the executive committee wanting to laud his accomplishments and encourage researchers to emulate him.

The Fernand Labrie Distinguished Investigator Award is intended to recognize an early to mid-career investigator who has demonstrated a commitment to women’s sexual health and embodies the qualities Dr. Labrie exhibited as a researcher and scientist. The recipient will receive a prize of up to $5,000 made possible through a generous grant to ISSWSH by AMAG Pharmaceuticals.

Nominee Criteria:

  • Member of ISSWSH.
  • May work in basic science or clinical research in any discipline related to women's sexual health and have advanced beyond the postdoctoral or fellowship trainee phase.
  • Be an early to mid-career sexual health or sexual medicine researcher (within 10 years of first independent position after postdoctoral or fellowship training); assistant or associate professor level or equivalent*
  • Demonstrated commitment to women's sexual health, as evidenced by the nominee's body of work in clinical or laboratory research.

*Subject to the discretion of the Research and Awards Committee, senior level researchers holding the equivalent of full professor appointments at an academic or independent research institution would not be eligible for this award.

Process and Timeline:

Nominations will be accepted by ISSWSH members November 1st - December 31st, 2023 by completing the nomination form. Completed nominations will be submitted to the Research & Grants Committee for review and a recommendation will be sent to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

The winner will be announced at the 2024 Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA. All nominees are encouraged to attend the meeting to accept the award if selected. The winner will be invited back to present a talk on their research at the 2025 Annual Meeting.

Additional Information:

  • ISSWSH members are not limited in the number of nominations they may submit.
  • Self-nominations are not permitted.
  • Prior nomination does not excluse a nominee from consideration in subsequent years.
  • Recipients may not receive the award in consecutive years (2 years in a row), but may be considered in subsequent years, if there has been progress in career accomplishments or if the nomination is related to work and/or accomplishments that have not yet been recognized.
  • The recipient of the award will be expected to present his or her research at the following years' Annual Meeting, as part of the ISSWSH program.
  • The prize money is intended to show recognition of a researcher's accomplishments or significant contributions to the field of women's sexual health. The award is not required to be applied towards research.

Do you know someone who should be considered for The Fernand Labrie Distinguished Investigator Award?  

You can nominate them now, through the end of the year. Click HERE to submit your nomination form.

Past Recipients 

Megan L. Falsetta, PhD
The University of Rochester

Linda Vignozzi, MD, PhD
University of Florence 

Paul Yong, MD, PhD, FRCSC
University of British Columbia

Tierney Lorenz, PhD
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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