Step 1: Please read the SIG Guidelines carefully

Step 2: Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to state your intent of forming a SIG and to check if it is in line with ISSWSH’s mission and does not overlap with already existing groups and/or planned/executed activities. This request will be reviewed and shared with the Board of Directors. Once the Board of Directors has confirmed its support for the formation of the proposed SIG, proceed to Step 2.

Step 3: Secure a minimum of 10 signatures from ISSWSH Members in support of the formation of this SIG. To do this you can send the following SIG Formation Petition link to individuals who will need to complete and submit this. Responses will be received by the ISSWSH Office, and you will be notified when at minimum of 10 signatures have been received.  

Step 4: While the signatures are being collected, complete the SIG Application. In advance of applying, please make sure that you have prepared the following information. * Indicates required field within the application:

  1. Title for proposed SIG*
  2. Brief statement of purpose for the SIG:*
  3. Motivation to form this SIG?*
  4. Proposed focus areas for the SIG?*
  5. If applicable, proposed activities for the SIG
  6. Other information pertinent to the formation of this SIG
  7. The names of a minimum of 3 people that make up the Steering Committee of the SIG:
    1. Chair*
    2. Vice Chair*
    3. Steering Committee Member*
    4. Other Steering Committee Members

Step 5: Application will be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and approval. The Chair and Vice Chair of the proposed SIG will be informed the status of the application.

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