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Start Talking: Intimacy

Bold Speak

Xulon Press (September 30, 2015)
ISBN-13 978-1498447157

Sexual dysfunction in marriage is a big topic that no one wants to talk about and, while there are many long volumes on sex and intimacy, there are no books that were written with the express purpose of assisting couples in conversing about their sex lives. This book fills a much-needed void that is, perhaps, most appreciated by the counselors and pastors trying to facilitate conversation between a husband and wife about the more difficult sexual issues. In their own practices, Dr. Hague and Mr. Smith individually sought a resource that would help their patients have meaningful discussions about sex. When they conversed about mutual patients and how best to assist them, they found no publication that approached difficult subjects with the goal of opening lines of communication between husband and wife. It was out of a desire to assist their patients that this book was written. Neil and Dr. Melissa Hague have a passion for helping others to promote healthy marriages and families. Through her obstetrics and gynecological practice, Dr. Hague has the unique opportunity to see the frustration and strife that sexual difficulty can cause for women and their marriages. Communicating about the underlying issue or condition is paramount to resolving sexual dysfunction in marriage. Dr. Hague has helped many women, their husbands and their marriages, and based on these experiences she established a sexual dysfunction clinic in her medical practice. Dr. Hague and her husband sense a great need to address the often unspoken topic of sexual issues and co-wrote Start Talking: Intimacy to help couples talk about their sex lives as a vital and important part of a healthy marriage. James and Julie Smith have a heart for counseling couples to help them navigate issues that often arise in every marriage. James, a licensed marriage and family therapist, sees sexual issues in marriage far too often and understands why couples would have a hard time starting the conversation about their sex lives. While many concerns can arise in marriage, sex is deceptively often a cause of a number of those other issues; James co-wrote Start Talking: Intimacy as a resource for his patients and other couples to sort through what is often an underlying problem thereby leading to quality enhancement in other aspects of marriage.

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