Sexual Medicine in Primary Care

Sexual Medicine in Primary Care

A practical, easy-to-read, comprehensive, and evidenced-based book on Sexual Medicine for health science students and clinicians. Easy to skim - summaries at the end of each chapter and many sidebars. When finished, you could go back and read what you want in more detail. The book is divided into three sections with the first on the subject of sex-related interviewing and history-taking (including issues related to gender, sexual orientation, and medical & psychiatric illness); the second section is on common sexual problems in women and men (including lots of case histories, actual questions to ask, lab tests to order, what to look for on physical exam, how to treat, and when to refer - issues explained in the text and illustrated with flow charts); and the third section contains appendices with information on, e.g., drugs that affect sexual function as well as sample patient interviews together with author comments.

If you want more information about the book (including a Detailed Table of Contents and Reviews), click here.

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