A New View of Women's Sexual Problems

A New View of Women's Sexual Problems

(Haworth, 2001) is a collection of clinical and social science sexology papers from feminists in the US, Canada, UK, Costa Rica, Israel, and India challenging the biomedical model of sexual understanding. There are both empirical and theoretical papers. The book grew out of a campaign for a "new view" begun in 1999 to contest the urological and pharmaceutical industry construction of a new disorder, "female sexual dysfunction," that capitalized on the successes of Pfizer's new drug, Viagra. Contributors include Leonore Tiefer, Lucy Candib, Gina Ogden, Sandra Byers, Beth Firestein, Lisa Aronson Fontes, Samantha Williams, Suzanne Iasenza, Marilyn Safir, Anna Arroba, Sadhana Vohra, Stevi Jackson, Sue Scott, Linda Garnets, Letitia Anne Peplau, Peggy Kleinplatz, Heather Hartley, Patricia Drew, Carol Rinkleib Ellison, Marny Hall, Jennifer Fishman, Laura Mamo, Deborah Tolman, and Amy Allina. Topics addressed include diagnosis, sexual orientation, adolescent sexuality, orgasm, pregnancy, sex ed films, and the epidemiology of women's sexual problems.


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