The Elusive Orgasm: A woman's guide to why she can't and how she can orgasm

The Elusive Orgasm: A woman's guide to why she can't and how she can orgasm

Brightfire Press 2004
Prof. Beverly Whipple, PhD
"The Elusive Orgasm is an important book for all women, their partners and health professionals."

A practical resource for all health professionals, educators and sexology students and also a self-help book for clients. It outlines the ways in which women become aroused and orgasm and includes new illustrations of the clitoris which are ideal for teaching purposes. Three different groups of women are addressed: those who never or rarely orgasm, those who used to be able to orgasm and now have difficulties, and those who orgasm at some times and not others. Twenty-five causes of these difficulties are discussed, covering lifestyle, health, personal style, sexual practices and relationship factors. Strategies for change are outlined for each of these areas.

Dr Cass is a clinical psychologist and sexual therapist with thirty years experience. For contents and other details, go to the website below.


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