Katherine L. Williams MD, FACOG, IF

Kathrine WilliamsDr Katherine Williams is a board certified OBGYN and a fellow of the International Society for Women's Sexual Health. She graduated from LSU Medical School in 1994 and finished her residency at LSUMC New Orleans in 1998. She is the founder and president of the Center for Women's Health, a group OB/GYN practice located in Covington, Louisiana that focuses on obstetric and gynecologic care as well as robotic surgery. She also founded the Southern Institute for Women's Sexual Health (SIWSH), a specialty clinic comprised of a network of providers including a physical therapist and oncologist that work together to help all women including cancer survivors with complex pelvic pain, sexual pain and vulvovaginal disorders. Dr Williams currently serves as President-Elect of the Louisiana State Medical Society and sits on the Board of Advisors for You Night Events which is an empowerment program for female cancer survivors . She was a commissioner for the Board of Governors for St Tammany Parish Hospital for 6 years and served on the Medical Executive Committee for St. Tammany Parish Hospital for 12 years. Her other leadership roles include chief of staff at St Tammany Parish Hospital in 2011 and president of the St. Tammany Parish Medical Society in 2010. Dr. Williams currently serves as the chairman of the Louisiana Medical Disclosure Panel since 2014.