Alyse M. Kelly-Jones MD, IF, FACOG

Kelly-Jones.AAlyse Kelly-Jones is a board-certified OB/GYN practicing in Charlotte, NC. She has been interested in female sexuality since beginning her residency at University of Florida Shands Jacksonville in 1995. Almost as soon as she established herself in her practice at Mintview Women’s Care in 2006, Dr. Kelly-Jones began attending ISSWSH conferences each year. Dr. Kelly-Jones is passionate about women’s sexual health, as it is an important part of ensuring a woman’s overall healthy attitude toward her life. An avid triathlete and crossfit enthusiast, Dr. Kelly-Jones founded a volunteer program that recruits and trains women to participate in their first triathlon. Tri It For Life is an extension of Dr. Kelly-Jones’ philosophy that physical exercise is an important way of helping women look out for their own health by taking the time to make their own lives better. “A healthy sex life is only one part of the overall guide that women need to follow to live their best life,” said Dr. Kelly-Jones. “So often, women become focused on everyone else in their lives that they lose sight of the importance of taking care of themselves. Exercise and pleasure are two of the best ways I know for women (and men for that matter) to reconnect with themselves, their loved ones and their dreams." In addition to serving on the ISSWSH Board of Directors, Dr. Kelly-Jones is a nationally sought-after speaker. She testified before an FDA committee on the medical benefits of Addyi, and is a well-known speaker and personality in North Carolina. In addition to appearing as a regular on-air consultant to several local morning news shows, Dr. Kelly-Jones established a long-running discussion forum called Sex & Sensibility for Charlotte women, men and those who have yet to decide, regarding sexuality and wellness.